Ibanez AK-86

on Rabu, 07 Juli 2010

Manufacturer URL http://www.ibanez.com/
Features 8.5 (2 responses)
Sound 8.0 (2 responses)
Action, Fit, & Finish 8.5 (2 responses)
Reliability/Durability 8.5 (2 responses)
Customer Support 6.0 (1 response)
Overall Rating 7.0 (1 response)

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Product: Ibanez AK-86
Price Paid: USD 318.00

Features : 10
gloss finish (violin) figured maple sides time looks like lam'spruce
two humbuckers, four knobs, three position control, passive pickups
sharp cutaway like l75

Sound : 9
Playing jazz and background jazz. "kicks b-tt"
Can dial in a very warm sound
has a tendency for feedback
like the guitar very much and am "gased" about the price.

Have four of the AF models but this one is more acoustic in nature.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 9
Guitar needs work out of the store. some filing here and there.
Was really pleased at the truss rod response and smooth ride.
Pickup are good enough but not excitingly great.

Reliability/Durability : 9
Dependable. Took it out after getting two days ago and worked like a pro!!! Always a great idea to take a backup guitar but never took my backup all of the night

Customer Support : 6
Well you guys know these guys.

Overall Rating : No Opinion
Been playing for the last 40 years have owned several guitars some great some not so great and some real dogs.
I like this guitar. I love the price. I like the sound. I like the feel. I would buy another on if it were lost or..., When you compare 175 prices you can't justify passing this guitar up. Try it!!!

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